Jenger's Exclusive Expressions Policy

Jenger has enjoyed many happy customers over the years. This is due primarily because all of her hand painted garments are washer and dryer safe.

At this time, each and every order will be hand painted for you. Custom orders are not refundable.

Jenger’s has a guarantee of satisfaction but there are no refunds. If something is just not right, an exchange maybe made for another size, another color or even another garment of the same value.

Gift certificates are available upon request. For any occasion, Jenger will be delighted to offer gift wrapping.

Please feel comfortable in knowing that any customer may call or e-mail the artist, Jenger, (805)-688-9379 or discuss their particular needs, orders or shipping requirements.

Call or e-mail Jenger for shipping and delivery times.

Join us in celebrating Jenger's 26 years of fine art!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash this garment?
In your regular washer and dryer. No special soaps are needed, but do not use Woolite.

What kind of soap do I use?
Regular liquid or powder detergent. Do not use Woolite, as it can fade the colors.

At what temperature do I wash the clothes?
Warm, but not hot!

Will these colors transfer to other garments in the washer?
No. All Jenger’s garments can be safely washed with other garments.

May I iron on the paint?
Yes. Ironing will not damage the paint.