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About Jenger's

A CUT ABOVE ~ Jenger is all about breathable, natural cotton and silk fabrics, for that fresh & breezy look and feel. Her styles are versatile and easy to maintain so they can stay vibrant for years to come.

For more than 30 years, she has perfected her special recipe of dyes and paints to create works of art on comfortable, timeless fashion pieces. Her amazing colors are truly fade-proof, bleed-proof, and stand up to ordinary washer & dryer laundering on a regular basis.

From the the Santa Ynez Valley in California, Jenger's has built a strong following and loyal customer base.  Our webstore now brings Jenger's creations to a new worldwide audience.

Custom hand painted clothing & home accents

Creative & Free-Flowing

Jenger’s creativity flows freely. Her hand-dying techniques have been a closely guarded secret, developed over thirty years to produce hardwearing, long-lasting colors that will never fade in the washer & dryer.  

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