Hand-Painted Oven Mitt I Love You

The bright, vibrant colors make a statement of love and appreciation, while the durable cotton fabric ensures longlasting use. This oven mitt is perfect for gifting to your loved one, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen.

We display our items with our standard color palette or a premium color palette as the base colors below the artwork.  During the customizing process, the item price may be adjusted up or down depending on your final color selection. 

🛍   STEP 1 – Select your size.
🛍   STEP 2 – Choose from over 50 blended color samples or create your own.
🛍   STEP 3 – Send a note to the artist with any other requests or changes.

If you would like assistance with your order, Click the button “Ask Jenger” at the bottom of the page, to send us a message. We’ll help you select and put together a great color combination. At no additional charge.

This Hand-Painted Oven Mitt comes with I love You artwork and is shown on the premium background color called “Turk-Seas-321”

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This handpainted cotton oven mitt is the perfect way to show someone you care. The bright, vibrant colors make a statement of love and appreciation. The durable cotton fabric is designed to withstand oven temperatures. Perfect for gifting to your loved one, this oven mitt is sure to bring a smile to their face. With its unique design and quality construction, this oven mitt is a musthave for any kitchen.

Custom created wearable art originals that are hand dyed and hand painted. With selectable and customizable colors.

Hand-Painted Oven Mitt Comes with I love You artwork and is shown on the premium background color called “Turk-Seas-321”

  • These cotton hot pads will protect your table from the hot bases of your pots and pans.
  • No burning your hand on hot pots.
  • The fabric is 100% cotton canvas

Hand-Painted Oven Mitt I love You WA Sky Blue Aqua-537

The current pattern is slightly larger than pictured.

The Artist at Jenger’s has perfected our dyes and paints to create comfortable wearable art with amazing colors that are truly fade-proof, bleed-proof, and stand up to ordinary wash & dry laundering on a regular basis.  NO DRY CLEANING NEEDED.

Each dyed and painted garment or item from Jenger’s is hand dyed and custom created once your order is placed. Every item is truly unique in the shades, tone and swirl of the dye on the item.  No two garments will be identical, due to the hand mixing of colors and how the color is processed on the item.  If you are looking to purchase a matched set of different garments, it is highly recommended that you order all of your desired piece together, so that they are dyed and created together using the same color mix and process to apply the color to the items.

Additional customization is available upon request.  Jenger’s is happy to talk with all customers and to assist you with the selection of color swatches, new color combinations and the perfect artwork pieces and placement of artwork. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to locate the “Ask Jenger” button.  This button will help start the conversation with Jenger’s.  To continue we can use FaceTime or Zoom video calls, Telephone and Email.  Let us know what you have in mind and your preferred communication method.

**These digital images and art placement (from previous works of Jenger’s, that were photographed) were created to show the many variations of color options and art placement. All of these colors can be created and placed on the items selected. Due to the variations of individual color mixing and the hand dyeing process colors and color placement will vary.


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