Pet Collar & Leash

Pet Collar & Leash

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Sustainable, eco friendly, dog & cat collar/leash sets,  made from 55% Industrial Hemp and 45% Certified Organic Cotton,

Hemp is one of the longest natural fibers known to man. The longer the fiber, the stronger it is, making these collars and leashes top of the line.  Four layers of 14 ounce hemp and organic cotton canvas fabric is good for pets with sensitive skin, so soft and comfortable. The Medium and Large collars feature high-quality, contoured side-release buckles and a corrosion resistant D-Ring.

Durable & Machine Washable:  swim, run, romp, and wrestle away!


Kitty collar is lightweight and comfortable, are 3/8″ in width, and allow enough adjustments to fit cats ranging from a small 7″ neck size up to large 13″ neck size.  The kitty collar features a break-away Kitty Clip for safety. It’s also hypo-allergenic (works well with problem kitties)

Toy Doggie collars are 3/8″ wide and fit neck sizes from 7″ to 13″. They are naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial. They selected small, lightweight hardware to make these collars as comfortable as possible for our littlest best friends.

*Although we are making leaps and strides in the cannabis world here in the US, we have not reached the milestone of manufacturing hemp for textile purposes. That being said, no hemp that is processed in the US is grown in the US.

Machine wash and air dry.


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